Ziggyboards are composite blackboards manufactured to be compatible with Zig Posterman and Zig Illumigraph markers. They are available in a number of configurations useful for many different applications. The soft looking blackboard finish is easy to clean and reuse over and over again.

Unique applications are possible using the waterproof markers with other markers. An example is a chart with lines that stay on, while the wet-wipe can be your information like chores to do that come off with a damp cloth.

Calendar Ziggyboard

Organization has never been better! Calendar Ziggyboards are magnetic to stick to any steel surface, offering space to keep track of activities, dinners, shopping lists, and more. Each calendar day is made of blackboard surface, trimmed in a whiteboard surface.

Different shapes and sizes guarantee a fit on nearly any refrigerator. Keep track of the kids’ after school activities, start a grocery shopping list, and remember other important dates with these easy-to-change calendars.

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Chalkboard Ziggyboard

Eco_8X10_pumpkinsChalkboard Ziggyboards have a chalkboard-like surface that resemble the chalkboards from an old schoolroom. They can be framed, mounted, or leaned on various surfaces. The surface is smooth and hard; perfect for your artwork.

Create unique, eye-catching looks with Chalkboard Ziggyboards to advertise, create memories, write reminders, and more. The possibilities are endless!

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Framed Ziggyboard


Framed Ziggyboards feature a chalkboard mounted in a country-style frame available in several colors to accent any home, business, or event. The frames are distressed for a primitive look and hand rubbed edges show the base wood color. The built-in mounting equipment make hanging the frames a breeze!

Send a message to customers, write reminders for the kids, or simply add a decorative piece to your home with these country-style framed chalkboards!

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Labeling Ziggyboard


Labeling Ziggyboard are permanent labels, perfect for household containers, party favors, and much more! They provide a quality chalkboard surface for your artwork and a perfect platform to change what’s in your containers without having to remove the sticky label and start over!

Labels food containers, jelly jars, large storage containers, and more. Never forget what you packaged in that jar/container or dig through messy storage bins again!

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Magnetic Ziggyboard


Magnetic Ziggyboards will cling to any steel surface at home or in the office, providing an easy-to-clean matte black blackboard surface perfect for refrigerator reminders, office notes, and more.

Various sizes provide room for small, medium and long messages in a number of settings. Stick to the dishwasher to determine if the dishes are clean or dirty, create grocery shopping lists right on the fridge, or stick to filing cabinet doors for quick labels.

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