Simple Text, Dramatic Results with Zig Posterman, Signwriting

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Learn how to make “Chalkboards” out of Masonry paint, according to John Niel Sign Writer in the United Kingdom this works much better than chalkboard paint. In a hurry just use a hair dryer to dry the board before you start.

Using a soft pencil the first step is to put a border around the board that you can use as a guideline. In this video John dispenses the Zig Posterman marker “ink” or “paint” on to a pallet and uses a classic wide brush.

Lettering is done with the brush held at a steady 45 degrees to the board. This provides a calligraphy look to the sign. This is for the first word on the sign “Bahai” the second line of text is done in a block bold, sans-serif style with the brush at 90 degrees to the edges of the board. This would be a great time to switch over to the Zig Posterman 15mm if you are not as artistic as John Niel.

That simple text gets a surprising affect by dragging the letters down with his thumb. We have had this conversation with many that call or chat with us here at “Why do I need a black marker? I am going to work on a black board!” Watch in the video where with a straight edge our chalkboard artist creates a reflective look to the sign. Like magic the simple font is now sitting on the water!

Layering a second coat with the fluid from the Zig Posterman marker puts a highlight in white on the letters. This segment of the video has been compressed so you only get a few seconds of it but pause at about 9:30 to take a look at how it’s done.

A quick lay down of red gives the main text some depth and a nice drop shadow, using his pallet he mixes a little red with pink and creates highlights on top of the letters. One of the big advantages of the Zig Posterman Waterproof is that it will not lift once it has dried. Color layers are easy for the pro or first time user with waterproof Zig Posterman.

John shows us some canal boat and fairground lettering that gives inspiration to the sign in this video. be sure to watch to the end where you learn how to make starbursts on the letters in your promotional signage.

Be sure to order his full length video at his website HERE, for more ideas tips and guidance on sign making with Zig Posterman markers!

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Running the website "Admin" sometimes takes a break to work and play with the Zig Posterman Markers. Using them for over a decade it is always amazing that they are semi-permanent and can be removed when needed but stay solid and bright for months!

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    We have purchased the pain markers and we love them, but because we change our signs frequently, what is the best way to clean them? We have been using alcohol in the past and it does not seem to be doing the trick. I just need some advise.

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