Flashing Board

ZIG Posterman Flashing Boards are currently out of stock. They will be available in 6 to 8 weeks. Please click here to contact us for questions or concerns. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The Premium Cordless Ziggy Lite Board

Zig Posterman Illumigraph 6mm Markers from ZigPosterman.com Green, Yellow, Blue, pink, White and RedThis board can be elegant by displaying one solid color, can pulse slow to create curiosity or flash fast for a head turning display!

Compatible with all the Zig Posterman markers, Illumigraph markers work best with the Ziggy Flashing Lite Board. A wallet set of six Illumigraph 6mm Broad Chisel tip markers are included with all orders, plus a FREE 15mm Big and Bold Illumigraph from a number of in stock colors as a gift from Ziggy!  The 15mm markers make dense opaque 5/8 inch lines; use the side for thinner lines that are still thicker than the 6mm or 1/4 inch chisel tip Illumigraph Markers. The free 15mm is great for filling in large spaces or for big designs on the flashing board.

Use the coupon “ZIGGYLITE1″ at checkout for $50 off this Flashing Board!

No cord, no external battery! Long lasting rechargeable battery is built inside the Ziggy Lite Board!

A 24 by 32 inch LED Flashing Board with a black frame and Zig Illumigraph Markers

The Ziggy Lite Flashing Board can be one steady color or 21 different animations. Need to stop Ziggy in this story from flashing? Hit your escape key. In your business Ziggy will go for hours on one charge!

Back of a Ziggy Lite Flashing Board assembled in AmericaThis board is big too!  As big as a 40 inch television screen, the board is 24 inches by 32 inches and just one inch thick.  The board can be mounted portrait or landscape depending on application and needs. Hanging, standing or mounting, the display is versatile.

The ImageMounting system, assembled in America, provides a method to mount the Ziggy Lite Board on any wall.  The unique mounting system is easy to level and adjust.  A chain is also included with chain loops on the display for hanging from the wall or ceiling.

Many clubs and restaurants use an easel to hold the Ziggy Lite Flashing Board. Sold as an accessory, Ziggy Custom Easels include a system that will lock the board in place; great for high traffic areas.

Unplug with Ziggy!

Flashing Board a Ziggy Lite brand with Zig Posterman Markers in a On The Step A-Frame Sign

Ziggy Lite Board used Portrait in A-Frame

New to the market, the board has a built in battery! Use the board plugged into any outlet or unplug it for added portability. Perfect for locations that have no power outlet available.  Set it up in front of a store or any dry location to attract attention.  Once charged, the battery will last hours. A battery box that takes standard AA batteries is provided. We are presently testing solar chargers and 12 volt car adapters, so check back soon for these great accessories!

Great in any location! Store, Club, Cafe, Pub, Dinner, Bistro, Bakery, Coffee Shop, Mall or anywhere to draw attention.  Making messages is easy with Zig Posterman Markers; changing messages is easy too! Great for Sales, Specials, Services, Prices, Open Signs, Events and shows, the elegant steady light makes messages glow day or night.

Free Big and Bold

Don’t forget to select your free 15mm Big and Bold Zig Illumigraph Ziggy Lite marker when you place your order.  Markers available that are in stock at the time of your order will be available for selection.

7 Zig Posterman Big and Bold 15mm Illumigraph Markers in a row at an angle

Price: $224.99

What comes in the box?

One Ziggy Lite Flashing Board 40 inch diagonal about 24 x 32 inches, built in rechargeable battery.

Six Zig Illumigraph bright fluorescent markers one each in white, red, light blue, pink, yellow and green.

Soft cleaning cloth, UL listed power supply and charger and AA battery box for extra portable power.

ImageMounting wall hangers including screws and anchors for trouble free mounting in any location.

FREE gift your choice of any in stock color 15mm Big and Bold Zig Illumigraph marker

Read more technical details on this versatile and flexible product.

Power Connection and Control

Ziggy Lite Flashing Boards will be shipped with a charged battery that’s ready to go.  The charge lasts about 4 hours in a steady state of use.  The board can be used plugged in continually while the battery charges.

A close up of the Ziggy Lite Flashing Board Power and Flash control area

From left to right is the power button, control switch and charging port on the Ziggy Lite Board. Note the corner plastic protection on the left and the high gloss alloy contemporary thin line frame.

For remote locations a free standard battery box is included. The box uses 8 AA batteries that are not included.  Use standard alkaline batteries or rechargeable batteries in the box, though this is optional as a rechargeable Lithium battery is built into the Ziggy Lite Board. Carry it on the street or in the car turned on, but please use caution as some flashing modes are quite dramatic!

If the battery dies completely, charge it for 10 hours.  The board works fine while charging.

Flash Modes

Remember your marker color and the color combination you select in the flashing mode will have different affects on the color displayed.  With careful planning you can produce subtle or startling results with your design and text.

Elegant & Bold, Ziggy Lite Flashing Boards hold a steady color

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Light Blue
  • Purple
  • White

Eye Catching, Ziggy Lite Erasable Board has many flash options

  • White Flash, one second on/one second off
  • Red, Green, Blue Flash, each on for one second
  • Purple, Blue, White Flash, each on for one half second
  • Red, Green, White Flash, each on for one half second
  • Red, Green, Blue Flash, 5 per second
  • Purple, Blue, White Flash, 5 per second
  • Red, Green, Blue Flash, alternating 3 per second with steady state for one second
  • Red, Green, Blue Flash, 1 second in between
  • Red, Blue Flash, off for one second
  • Green, Blue Flash, off for one second
  • Red, Green Flash, off for one second

The intriguing pulse mode beats as if it were living!

  • White Pulse, Blue Pulse
  • Red Pulse, White Pulse
  • White Pulse, Green Pulse
  • Blue, Red, Green Pulse
  • Purple, Green, Blue Pulse

Locations using the Ziggy Lite Flashing Board

Food & Drink Retail Business Events Nightlife
Coffee Shops
Sandwich Shops
Ice Cream Parlors
Fast Food Outlets
Specialty Markets
Kid’s Lemonade Stands
Convenience Stores
Outlet Stores
Locally Owned Stores
Gas Stations
Grocery Stores
Travel Agents
Real Estate Agents
Hair & Beauty Salons
Office Events
Auto Dealers
Pawn Brokers
Trade Shows
Cocktail Bars
Dance Clubs
Cigar Bars
Music Venues
DJ Booths

Remember mobile applications are easy with the built in battery!

What Comes with your order

Ziggy Lite Flashing Board mounted on a wall near a doorway at an angle. No wire battery powered!

Ziggy Lite Board mounted securely on the wall makes it easy to change!

One Ziggy Lite Flashing Board with built in Battery

One set of six 6mm Zig Illumigraph Markers including white, red, green, yellow and pink wet erasable high florescent markers.

Your Color choice of one 15mm Big and Bold Zig Illumigraph wet-wipe high florescent markers as our free gift.

Combination power supply and charger for the internal battery.

External battery pack for standard AA batteries (batteries not included.)

ImageMounting System including installed hanger bars, leveling wall clip, Screws and anchors to mount on any wood, stone, block or drywall surface.

Chain Mounting system for wall or ceiling hanging.

Soft cleaning cloth.

Instructions for use and 1 year warranty.

Price: $224.99

We are sorry due to postal regulations the Ziggy Flashing Board can not ship USPS to international locations, it must ship ground.