Chalkboard Sign for Franky the Barber with Ziggy

Jan 02, 2014 No Comments by

Make a sign for your business with Zig Posterman Markers and paint! This Chalkboard Art is great to attract customers into your business with a colorful, creative sign. In this video we have talented Sign Artist John Neal from the United Kingdom creating a sign for Franky The Barber. Watch and learn how to get [...]

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Chalkboard Art Butchers Board

Nov 01, 2013 No Comments by

Spring has sprung and that means it is time for barbeques! Here in this video, John Neal the sign writer creates a chalkboard for Aubrey Allen Butcher’s using Zig Posterman markers and paint. First, John added the letters “BBQ” to the board with a light pencil mark. In our studios we like to use a [...]

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Matak’s Marker Mondays with Ziggy

Sep 02, 2013 No Comments by

Each Monday, Adam Matak posts to Facebook a new portrait of faces he “paints” with Zig Posterman markers. An artist, Matak creates lifelike images of the people he knows using Zig markers and a spiral-bound sketchbook. A trained printmaker, Adam Matak uses the markers, along with other mediums, to create his works of art. He [...]

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Ziggy Goes to School

Jun 02, 2013 No Comments

I was recently asked to make some posters for the Lawrence Community Day Charter Public Schools annual Family Fun Night. My sister is a teacher at the Gateway School and the mother of one of her students is the president of the PTO and was in charge of getting the posters made. She saw some [...]

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Devens Solid Waste Goes Big Saves Planet with Zig Posterman 15mm

Apr 02, 2013 No Comments

Repeated Annual, Monthly, Weekly, Daily event, but don’t want to reproduce a new banner for each event? Use the Zip Posterman water-proof marker! Do surface irregularities make it challenging to change information? Use clear package tape to make it easy to write, change and remove markings! The North Central Regional Solid Waste Cooperative also known [...]

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